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    Jennifer Thacker

    What equipment do you recommend for the cutting table? We have 5 cutting tables.  We have been considering a tablet. Do you know if there is an app that would run on a tablet that would allow the scanning of bar codes into the new POS system? A quick google search brought up many options, but we would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations, both pro and con. Rather than buying a scanner and a traditional computer or laptop, we thought that combining that functionality with a tablet would be cost effective and not take up as much space.

    Thanks for your help!

    Jennifer Thacker


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    Milo LeBaron


    At this time we do not have an app built for tablet devices.  This is something that we have plans on developing once the features in the POS are a little more polished.  It is possible to use an iPad for the cutting station since the interface has been optimized for tablet use when operated through a browser.  So it won't be as good as a native app would, but for the most part it would function fine.

    We have built the system so that you are able to pause transactions and resume them at another register.  This functionality was designed specifically for the cutting stations.  So if you wanted to get an iPad and use it at a cutting station you would be able to start a sale and then pause it when they have finished with their fabric.  The only question is how to scan in the items.

    The only drawback with the iPad, or any other iOS device, is the limitations they place on peripherals.  So in order to scan the items, you would need to purchase an iOS compatible, Bluetooth scanner.  There are several out there, but we have found that they are a bit more expensive than the more traditional options for scanners.  If you go to Google and search "ios compatible bluetooth barcode scanner" you should see some options.  The only one we have tested can be found on Amazon at the link below.


    So in summary, a tablet can be used for the cutting station, but it is a bit pricey, and until we have a native app for the iPad and Android tablets, it may have some quirks. 

    If you have any other questions, please call support and they can talk you through the options.

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    Earleene Kellogg

    We are using a Chrome Book, it seems to work fine. A scanner can be used with it.

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    I just migrated from another POS where we had a cutting table solution with barcode scanner and you enter the amount of fabric cut. That gets scanned in at register and automatically enters it onto the receipt. Will I still be able to use that? Or, do you all not have that functionality?


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    Milo LeBaron


    Our system utilizes a 'Pause' feature which will allow you to start a transaction at the cutting table, and then finish it at the main register.  This method would require the use of a tablet or laptop at the cutting station however.

    Your current method of scanning and then printing out a bar code with the item and quantity shouldn't be dependent on our system.  If you print out a label and attach it to the item, the customer can bring the item up to the main register where it can be scanned and added to the register.

    So whether you would like to continue using the existing label printer at the cutting station, or go with the tablet/laptop solution, either way it should work for you.  Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding your question.

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    Teri Walker

    I have windows 8 and my first ricept printer did not work with this computer, so here I am now on printer #2 a star TSP100 future print that is suoposto work with windows 8 and Dave said to download this up date that has now been downloading since yesterday. How hard can this be. I need help

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    Milo LeBaron


    Windows 8 will play nice with most printers.  You shouldn't be running into a download issue unless your internet connection is VERY slow.  I spoke to Dave and he said that he has been working with you on getting the printer installed.  He will be giving you a call shortly.

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