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    This is very helpful - however, I'm not too sure if this really works for us LIKESEW people. When I put by 20 balls of wool and they want to pick up 3 or 4 balls each week etc.

    Also - I'm not sure this is helpful to the inventory. I have two 10 balls of wool in stock - A customer is paying for the them over a two weeks....but the inventory still says I have 10 - so online someone could purchase 10 in one lump and then my customer who is paying over two weeks now has no wool. So I have to now try and order some in within two weeks?

    Am I missing something here. I can understand for large items that will go over 12 months.

    I'm wanting a system where a dear old lady can put 20 balls of wool aside and as she can only afford 2 a fortnight, simply come in and pick up those 2. I want to take those 20 balls off the stock as she will pick them up over a period of time. It would save online problems. Also in the layway section it would be then good to be able to say 'pay' for how ever many balls of wool - rather than a set payment?

    Or am I talking of something different? Do I need to use the 'account' for this feature?

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    Ty Clement


    Great question! Layaway's are essentially payment installments, and depending on the store, can be cancelled at any time up until the item is fully paid off. This means that we may not necessarily want to remove the inventory until the item is actually picked up. This does pose a problem though like you mentioned; What if someone online buys the remaining inventory before the layaway is completed? My recommendation is to use the Offline Reserve functionality in the Advanced tab of each product to maintain an inventory buffer for situations like that. This ensures that you always have some available for purchase in-store, even when your online site shows you're out of stock.

    To answer your second question about how you can reserve inventory for a specific customer, I would have her purchase the full amount on Account, and then pay off that balance as she's able.

    Let me know if I can answer anything else!

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    The layaway is still really glitchy. I am trying to give it a shot but it's just not working for me. Say a customer puts a deposit of 1500 down for a new machine that is coming out, the rest is paid at time of pickup. So using the pick up option is fine. but if i change the payment intervals from weekly to either quarterly or yearly; it crashes the tab. I have to refresh and start over only for it to do the same thing. It's only fine if the interval is set to weekly or bi-weekly.

    I know what you are going to say, change web browser. Here's the thing, i've tried the exact same thing in both firefox and chrome and the same results happen doing the same thing. This machine is coming out soon so i hope you guys have a fix for this.. something better than put it on their acct. I dont see a need to put 15k on someone's acct and have it mess up the daily report because that's what it does. It would count it as a sale or profit twice.

    If you have a fix, please feel free to call me at the store in salem

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    Andy Wheeler

    The Layaway module is meant to involve multiple payments over time, so if you're just doing a deposit and pickup, I would recommend taking the deposit and putting the remainder of the purchase price of the item On Account. Then when the customer is ready to pay for it, all they have to do is clear their account balance and the transaction will be complete. The balance will appear on your books for a short while, but once they've finished paying it will no longer mess up your books.

    Another option would be to use the Work Order module, since it doesn't require multiple payments. Just take the deposit there, include the item they're purchasing as a Material part, and when they're ready to finish the purchase they can do so. If you have further questions, please let us know!

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