Batch Inventory Updates




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    Sarah Smith

    When I add items that have not been scanned to the batch will deactivated items and/or items with zero inventory be included?

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    Cloth and Quilts

    I have scanned in my inventory, but there are a few items that I have in two departments.  Should I delete them from the batch before I reconcile?  If so, will just clicking on the x delete just that item from the batch?  (I have just spent all day scanning in inventory I am scared to mess it up)  :-)  Also can I make changes to an item that I scanned into the batch?


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    Andy Wheeler

    The X button will delete the line item from your batch. If you have a product in multiple categories, you need to be sure to add it to your batch only once. You can make changes to batch items before the batch is reconciled. Also, for fastest response to questions, please email us at and we try to answer all inquiries within 24 hours!

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