How can I make a coupon for free shipping?




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    Colleen Goldberg

    We created a "work around" by going to "Coupons", giving it a Title of FREE Shipping, creating the code FREESHIP and in the "Discount" section of the Coupon creator, we just put Spend $0.00 and Get $7.00 Off (this is what we charge as a flat fee for shipping) and when the customer goes to check out and adds the coupon code, even though they get charged shipping it credits the shipping with the coupon.  It's been the best way we've found so far

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    Andy Wheeler

    Great idea, Colleen! That is a method that can work well for anyone who uses fixed shipping rates in the shopping cart. There are a couple of caveats here:

    1. If you are a client who has various tiers of shipping rates based on either the amount of the order, it's total weight, or the number of items ordered, this method can be hit or miss for you, but will result at least in a reduction of shipping. On smaller orders, you might lose money on shipping, depending on how large a discount you make.
    2. If you have a Store Pickup option set in the system (click here to see how to set this up), anyone can still use your Free Shipping coupon and get the discount on the order.

    Colleen's method is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't have either of those two situations! We still don't have a perfect way to offer free shipping, but it is one of the more popular enhancement requests. You can add your name to the request by clicking on the Home button on the far left side of our blue Admin Toolbar and clicking on Suggest on the left side of the page.

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    Rick Wedel

    We would use a free shipping coupon if it were available. I'd offer it to traveling in-store customers who I wanted to retain as online customers once they got back home. 

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