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    Hey Andy, 

    Thanks for these updates, I have several tickets raised with the team, and all have been sent over to the developers as it's that bug again that you solved for me ages ago - of product styles 'breaking' they all disappear to only show one style - you can't edit the product and it shows 'out of stock'.

    It keeps happening to me - and with products that have over 50 styles I don't really want to re enter all that data over and over.  The team thinks its to do with adding new pictures and styles when new stock arrives.  Trouble is it keeps happening and so far I have over 3 products broken and I've waited for months now, and all this time I can't enter new stock or show it on the website.

    Can you help them out as you solved it before?

    I'm getting very frustrated on how long it's taking so I'm solving it myself by making the products again.  Trouble is, that doesn't help if it happens again.  

    They have advised to not use so many styles.....but on your video tutorial for styles, you say it can take up to 200.  They have also advised to use the main image uploader rather than uploading pictures in the products.

    I will not stop using styles, as this is a great feature for having different colours, as you say in your video, but I will try uploading pictures differently, if this is the case.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you can help them out, like you helped me out. I've been a huge supporter of Rain/Like Sew, but this re occurring incident of styles breaking is now becoming upsetting and infuriating.



    The Woolpatch

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