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    Scrap and Bean

    This new feature of automatically adding ALL options of an item is a nightmare.  Please, please, please make it possible to turn this off, for those of us who are not going to use this.  

    !.  It populates our database with a multitude of items (or options) which we will never use.  

    2. When creating a new item which has alot of options, Rain freezes.  Forcing me to close the screen.  Which in turns looses the progress on the PO I was entering.  Which is another bug...why does Rain not save PO data as it is entered?

    3. When cancelling the extra styles that Rain is attempting to download into my database, if I cancel the extra styles, then the one style I am left with (the only style I actually wanted).  It has an incorrect barcode, and photo.  

    4. Try adding this item #810787024324 from Notions.  You will get 90 styles added.  90!  Appears this option was not thought through before implementing.  


    Please, please, please make it possible for a user of Rain to turn off this options.  It really is messy. 

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